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We’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and the interest in our purebred black Angus program. Whether you are a long time customer or just learning about our Angus program, we appreciate your consideration and interest in the quality genetics we have to offer.



Check out the 2019 offering of bulls for sale that will go out and work for you!



Martens Angus Farms is also proud to begin offering a limited number of females to contribute to the success of your herd. Sign up for our contact list to find out what is available.



Complete Package Sires. Semen available now on these future breed legends. Elite calving ease. Curve bending growth. Top 1% carcass and $B value.


Offering Top Two Bulls in the Breed!

We are proud to own TWO of the top bulls in the Angus breed! An EPD sort as of 10/9/18 of every parent and non-parent bull in the breed for BW, WW, Docility, CEM, MH, $W and $B shows these two bulls – SS Odyssey H71 and PV Outright P967--are the elite cream of the crop. No other bull matches them in the founding characteristics every commercial and purebred cattlemen are looking for. Calving ease, growth, carcass, frame and docility, in a structurally sound package with muscle shape to please the eye.

Our Story


Martens Angus Farms has been in the registered Angus business and selling bulls for nearly 20 years. The foundation of our success is the strength of our females. Our females come from proven cow families selected for maternal traits, disposition and good feet and legs. From that, we have built a bull program based on calving ease and a balanced set of growth and carcass traits that will succeed in both purebred and commercial operations.

We believe strongly in utilizing the best genetics possible, embracing artificial insemination since the start of our program but using the highest of quality clean up bulls. We can assure our customers that the genetics they are purchasing are rooted with a history of balanced calving ease, growth, carcass and docility traits.

The majority of our operation is a fall calving herd and we feel that the biggest benefit is the additional age and development our bulls have by the time our customers turn them out in the summer. These long yearlings will also be able to cover more cows in the first season and are likely to come back in the fall in better physical condition that the typical yearling bull. We do have a smaller sized spring herd and do offer some traditional yearling bulls as well.

We’re blessed to live in a part of Iowa that is great cow-calf country; right next to the Mississippi River with bluffs, hills and timber pastures.

We look forward to working with you to select genetics that will fit the needs of your purebred or commercial cow herd. Please feel free to stop by the farm anytime; we’re always happy to visit.  

Jody and Laurie Martens