Welcome to Martens Angus Farms

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and the interest in our purebred black Angus program.

Whether you are a long time customer or just learning about our Angus program, we appreciate your consideration and interest in the quality genetics we have to offer.

Martens Angus Farms has been in the registered Angus business and selling bulls for nearly 20 years. The foundation of our success is the strength of our females. Our females come from proven cow families selected for maternal traits, disposition and good feet and legs. From that, we have built a bull program based on calving ease and a balanced set of growth and carcass traits that will succeed in both purebred and commercial operations.

We believe strongly in utilizing the best genetics and technology available to advance the quality of our cattle. We embraced artificial insemination since the start of our program and more recently started utilizing embryo transfer and DNA technology.  These tools can quickly enhance the EPD profile while providing a greater accuracy of genetic potential and value to our customers. 

We operate a strictly fall calving herd and we feel that the biggest benefit is the additional age and development our bulls have by the time our customers turn them out in the summer. These long yearlings will also be able to cover more cows in the first season and are likely to come back in the fall in better physical condition that the typical yearling bull.

We’re blessed to live in a part of Iowa that is great cow-calf country; right next to the Mississippi River with bluffs, hills and timber pastures.  Please feel free to stop by the farm anytime; we’re always happy to visit.  We look forward to working with you to select genetics that will fit the needs of your purebred or commercial cow herd.

Jody and Laurie Martens